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Hi, Morganville Residents - boy, do I have news for you today!

On the heels of the release of Fall of Night, the latest Morganville novel, we've had another avalanche of questions from readers asking the same thing you've been asking for years now: "When is the film/tv show coming out?"

Well ... we can finally start to answer that question, because TODAY, RIGHT NOW, we have launched a Kickstarter initiative for a new, high quality web TV show called MORGANVILLE: THE SERIES!

I'm partnering with the extremely talented producer/director Blake Calhoun (Loud Pictures) to bring Morganville to life.

Please visit the Kickstarter page, watch the video, check out the rewards for sponsorship, and help us finally make Morganville a (video) reality by CLICKING HERE!

There's also an FAQ on the new website (, and more info to come, but if you have questions beyond that, please either use the contact form, or email us at and mark it MVTS QUESTION in the subject line. We'll go through and turn responses as quickly as we can, and add it to the FAQ as we go if it’s something other people also are asking.

Even if you can't financially support the project, I am still so grateful to you for the amazing cheerleading you've given me throughout the Morganville journey, and I hope you will help spread the word of our project.

Don’t forget: BOOK 15, DAYLIGHTERS is coming in November 2013!

Love from Morganville,





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June 11, 2013

Rachel Caine, author of the New York Times, USA Today and #1 internationally bestselling Morganville Vampires novels, announced today that the series is being adapted for a web TV series in partnership with Streamy award winning producer/director Blake Calhoun and Loud Pictures (Pink, Continuum, and’s Exposed).

Both are based in the Dallas/Fort Worth area of Texas.

“We want to make this show for the fans worldwide,” said Caine. “They’ve been incredibly dedicated, and the numbers of petitions and emails make it clear that they would love to see these characters on screen. We think a quality web TV series is a fun and groundbreaking way to make that happen.”

The fifteen-book saga has global popularity, with translations in 20 languages. The first novel, Glass Houses, was voted the most popular book among UK school children in 2013, ahead of smash media-fueled hits like Twilight and Harry Potter. “These books will make great television,” said Loud Pictures’ Calhoun. “They’ve got involving, dynamic characters, action, adventure, friendship and some very real high stakes. I’m looking forward to working with Rachel on bringing this to life.”

In order to raise the necessary funds to do a web TV show with high quality production values, the partners have turned to Kickstarter ( to raise the $75,000 needed to cover the essential first season costs of actors, crew, equipment, effects, and music, among other expenses. The $75,000 is estimated to cover six 8 to 10 minute episodes, for a total of approximately 60 minutes of content.

“If we reach that goal, we can turn out a very solid TV-quality viewing experience for the fans,” said Caine. “If we go over, we can add more episodes, more effects, better locations, and make the drama even more compelling.”

Caine is penning the scripts for the first season’s episodes, which will begin filming in September 2013 if the Kickstarter goals are reached. The team plans to release the preview trailer of the new series in December 2013, to follow the launch of the fifteenth and last novel of the Morganville Vampires, Daylighters.

Bestselling YA author and actor Amber Benson (Buffy, Ghosts of Albion, Chance) is attached to play the part of Amelie, the vampire founder of Morganville. Casting for additional parts is scheduled to begin after the successful conclusion of the Kickstarter fundraiser.



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